Scope of Security Services



























       School Corporations - Tier1 will provide your 

      school corporation with safety measures at 

      individual school sites.  Our officers will work

      with school personnel to establish relationships

      with students and staff to ensure a safe,

      nurturing environment. 


     Banking and Financial Institutions - Tier1 will

     provide armed and unarmed officers to secure both

     inside and outside of financial institutations.  

     Customers need to feel secure when relying on

     your financial instituation, and we help to create

     an environmen that makes them feel at ease.

    The presence of Tier1 Security Officers or

     off-duty law enformcement will create a safe









Speciality Services

Corporation Security

Corporate Security - Safeguard your facility, 

employees, and assets.  Whether patrolling the

perimeter of the premises or securicing a specific area, our officers will be observant, alert and proactive in the protection of the 

structure, grounds, and interior of the business.

Project Security 


Construction Sites - Tier 1 Security will secure accessibility in and out of the construction site, protect products and materials, and patrol sites after hours to ensure sites are left intact and ready for the next day.



Traffic Control/Flaggers - Tier1 Officers will oversee the maintenance of the flow of traffic, by montoring the safe entry and exit of vehicles and/or pedestrians by clearly signaling the right of way for each vehicle or person. 



Events Security - Tier1 Security will be there to secure all events, such as weddings, funerals, parades, birthday parties, sporting events, and any other event needs that may require security measures for large groups of people. Tier1 Security Officers will be prepared to maintain crowd control, administer basic first aid, and secure exhibits, equipment and property. The officers' observations, quick response, knowledge of venue and experience will enable them  to maximize the safety of attendees and workers, and minimize damage and/or loss of property. Let us help you protect your company from unnecessary liability.



Residential and Apartment Security- Tier1 Security will provide services that include checkpoint entry, foot patrol, vehicle patrol, and a weekly report of any law enforcement issues that occur on property.






                          Site Security

Industrial Security- Tier1 Security will provide a service to

your industrial company by the use of officers to ensure your

operations are not jeopardized or put at risk of any

detrimental act.   These officers can be utilized at

checkpoints, for foot patrol, and vehicle patrol. 

Retail Security- Tier1 Security will provide our client with

a service to ensure all profits are maintained and loss of merchandise/inventory is reduced or no longer an issue.  

Our trained officers will provide a service to your

business that represents the excellence of your


Tier1 Security is proud to offer speciality services for our clients.  These services include, but are not limited to the           following:  personal security, school resource officer(s), security assessments/audits, security consultation,  and crime and prevention tips to your neighborhood associations or apartment complexes.  Please contact us to talk more about these speciality services, or any other security services. 

Our Motto - Let Tier1 Security Provide Your Security Needs.

         T. Deon Harris, Owner